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As du RallyeAs du Rallye
As du Rallye Sale price€165,00
Asphalte Sale priceFrom €290,00
Black StuntBlack Stunt
Black Stunt Sale priceFrom €225,00
Classic Wheel
Classic Wheel Sale price€280,00
France Masters
France Masters Sale price€145,00
Open Golf
Open Golf Sale price€145,00
Indian 1stIndian 1st
Indian 1st Sale price€195,00
The route
The route Sale price€250,00
Passion Sale price€135,00
Personalized plate
Personalized plate Sale price€70,00
Corked personalized plate
Corked personalized plate Sale price€340,00
Custom color plate
Custom color plate Sale price€169,00
Personalized round plaque
Personalized round plaque Sale price€180,00
1st Personalized Round Plaque1st Personalized Round Plaque
1st Personalized Round Plaque Sale price€180,00
Spain Open
Spain Open Sale price€145,00
Speedway Sale price€195,00
Sprint BelgiqueSprint Belgique
Sprint Belgique Sale priceFrom €130,00
Sprint BlancSprint Blanc
Sprint Blanc Sale price€130,00
Sprint BleuSprint Bleu
Sprint Bleu Sale price€130,00
Castellet CarbonCastellet Carbon
Castellet Carbon Sale priceFrom €295,00
France Sale priceFrom €130,00
Castellet GrayCastellet Gray
Castellet Gray Sale priceFrom €130,00
Castellet RedCastellet Red
Castellet Red Sale priceFrom €130,00
Stunt Sale priceFrom €210,00
Tee Sale price€110,00
The DiskThe Disk
The Disk Sale priceFrom €320,00
Turbo Sale price€275,00
Nuerburg 1stNuerburg 1st
Nuerburg 1st Sale price€320,00

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A unique factory in France

Welcome to the artisanal and precise universe of BRM Trophies, where each trophy is designed with passion and watchmaking expertise to create unique and unforgettable awards. We are proud of our tradition of craftsmanship and the dedication with which we handcraft our trophies, down to the smallest detail.

The BRM factory

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